Anarchy, Murder, and War

How to understand the high risk of rule breaking in the modern world

1 min readNov 5, 2023
The Eater of Worlds and Lord of Chaos

The rules are in place to keep anarchy at bay. When the rules are obeyed and upheld, security is high. The rules are there to keep us all safe.

But unfortunately, with rules comes rule breaking. And before long rule breaking invites anarchy. Because if we don’t enforce the rules they are hardly rules. The whole system starts to breaks down as the rule breaking increases.

Murder is a hell that follows on from such anarchy. Murder and revenge killings.

This is why those of us sworn to upholding our values of light must let the forces of the shadow know that we are watching. The rules will be upheld in the face of anarchy. Evil must know that when the time comes to uphold order we will not get on our knees. Not come hell, nor high water.

We swore an oath. We will keep it.