Beware the Little Orange Men

They are not Oompa Loompa

It is a sign of the times and methods by which we live that I must warn you not to feed the trolls as they have morphed and mutated into what looks like little green men. But these are little orange men. They wear an orange mask on their face unlike their green counterparts in Ukraine.

They present a danger.

It is clear that freedom of speech is under attack now more than ever. We must be vigilant against any assault on the freedoms of the press, or any attacks on the freedom of thought and expression. The little orange men must not divide us on free speech. I must be allowed to speak my mind. Trump must be allowed to speak his mind. Same as Vladimir Putin. Let them speak, but don’t believe them.

I warn you. Do not believe the lies they spew. Little orange men snuggle up to the enemies of freedom and democracy for convenience : political, social, or economic. They must be studied, but not believed. Their minds are made up not by the preponderance of fact or evidence.They believe they can spew their lies and make them the true.

I write fiction so I know what fiction is. Fictions may hold a truth, but when you look and read what is happening and what is being said, you must recognize that some lies are nothing but self serving falsehoods and must be treated as such.

So I warn you: beware the little orange men. If they speak truth today, it is only because they seek to further a bigger lie tomorrow. And remember the easiest way to spot a liar, or little orange man; they lie others into war or snuggle up to them. Invasions are never savvy.

War is an evil scourge. I’ve said it from the beginning of my principled life. If you voted for the war in Iraq, (or the war in Ukraine) you are either corrupt or were fooled.

Name yourselves. I am giving Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt and putting him the fooled category. I hope he is wiser today.

This is a plea to the liberal and conservative mind. You both agree on freedom of speech, so let us thread the needle thusly. Say what you want, but you can’t overthrow the people’s will when it is clearly stated — that is the definition of authoritarianism.



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