Donald J. Trump is a Flunkout

5 min readNov 8, 2023

“So much winning,” the flunkout said

Magic Inflata-Boy’s brain is even better than the real thing!

Others may offer facts, words on the records, or based on other reporting. This assessment, however, is one I have synthesizes myself.

When George W Bush finally flunked out, it was when they made him a pilot instead of more training which might actually have mattered to the handling of the Presidency?

I know it is easy to flunk out and that is why is not hard to call Mr. Trump himself a flunkout. The question really becomes, at what point did Trump’s education end?

I’m not sure Trump was ever fit to fly a plane, let alone drive his own car. His destructive style of governing, shattered norms. Attacking norms that stifled enriching himself, just like the swamp things of DC have always done. It was no surprise.

But the leader’s job to harness the greed, the opportunism, and the hatred. Realizing evil, the leader must minimize it, not proliferate it himself. Our baser instincts are to be controlled. Wise men, and those with money should know that. Men who wield outsized power should know it. And, I also say that we lambs should not give ourselves over to the wolves, not when kindly men will tender our fur.

That is what kind of flunkout Mr. Trump has obviously shown to have become. He is one who nurses grievances even while his own power mounted. He failed the test of “magnanimy,” and now can’t easily escape the trap it leaves him in.He is a man easily manipulated by others’, all because of his own inflated, undeserved, and unearned sense of self worth.

That is to say, this game he is playing at assembles the dark triad. He has nothing positive to say about anything when he is unhappy it seems. Or, is that interviewer bias? Journalist only ask about the issue plaguing the man on any given day. We all tend to forget about all the crazy shit he was up to way back when, what with all the connections in his campaign to Russia.

This issues hasn’t gone away, but only seemed to become even more of a problem, especially when you think about it from Trump’s puny brain. The Unitary Executive Theory allows for real hard-knocks politics, even deep inside administrations. This has existed since the earliest days with Vice Presidents going against their Presidents.

The key here is Trump’s failed training. He didn’t realize just because he was President, it didn’t mean he controlled anything in the White House or inside the government. All the codes were locked away under the privilege of the Vice President. They were Pence’s to hold as long as needed, to ensure their safety. No court could change that, because then again, there were rules.

Yet Trump is someone who flunked out of politics because he didn’t understand the fundamental problem with the abuse of power. It will lead to a diminishment of the abuser. By not understanding the limits of his power, Mr. Trump set upon a man of his own administration the power of the mob, as clear as day, and of course Trump still lost. This is failure on multiple levels. It shows clear flunkout behavior. Moron comes up with a moronic plan. Those same morons often fails to enact said moronic plan, revealing what colossal, beyond Hee Haw, jackass they are for all the world to see.

Sure Trump scares the weak people in his orbit. They fear to say a word wrong because they could easily slip and end up like Vice President Mike Pence, who a mob was sent after like wolves on the hunt, unsophisticated and unwashed, hungry for the red meat promised by a reckless flunky, spewing a adversary’s nonsense into the ears of his listeners, turning good, but otherwise ignorant Americans into insurrectionists, the goal to weakens us from within.

And yet, it surprises me how incompetent people can be, and it’s almost a wake up call to us all, that maybe we are sleepwalking through life. In Trump you can see his dream exposed. He dreams of wealth, women, and power. These things animate him, not solidarity with the common man, not good governance, nor just laws. Give me one moment when he is not serving himself, especially lately?

The man is not some grand visitor comes to Earth to lead us. His is a petty earthling who learned enough to weaponize grievance, enough to put on a show, but he still stand for nothing. Nothing, because that is what the shadow stands for, nothing. Nothing but serving itself and its darker and eviler masters.

For anyone still buying Trump’s brand of bullshit, I am sorry that this has to come this, like a ripped fart in church, but you must see the facts and read from them the truth. Even if there is a tiny bit of political retaliation in one of defendant Trump’s many cases against him, it matters little when many successful business men skate by just fine without losing everything, because they omit Trump’s series of blunders. Don’t pretend for a moment that television personalities like him aren’t often little more than boobs playing a part that others write for them, that is when they are lucky.

This again proves the flunkout nature of the man. A true leader, especially one given the power of the Presidency knows that when they leave office they need to have made friends from their enemies and detractors, and to have made their own friends even more loyal than ever. Such is the nature of the beast. Somewhere along the line, Mr. Trump didn’t study that lesson.

Would I practice what I preach? Would I ever be willing to shake the man’s hand. Once he is corrected of his greatest faults then yes, I would be willing to shake the hand of any reformed man, no matter the man’s deeds if I feel that trust has been re-earned.

Until then? Hell no. Trump is about the closest thing in the West to the repugnancy of Putin’s Kremlin, where no lie isn’t told; where no truth is real.

As it sits, Mr. Trump acts like a childhood bully, lashing out like evil does at any detractor that speaks against it. He has become nothing but invective personified. It seems his mind can’t wrap itself around the idea that the American system is powerful. It surprises him that our government is actually way more powerful than one single man, even if that man is Donald John Trump.

So, this is your mark of failure, Mr. Trump. You are now receiving your final grade. F-double-minus. Now shut up. And go sit back down. No one wants to hear what a dummy has to say on anything.