How the Game Works: Part 1

A look at classes and spells

Initial testnet deployment of the first Scarab Cycle game’s hero minting

Classes in the game work thusly...

There are 150 spells and they wrap around…

What does that mean, they wrap around? It means that spell 150 and 1 are right next to each other. Inside the code we use modular math to do this, the result is that heroes are minted centered around one of the 150 spells.

Centered? Yes. Each hero has access to only 30 spells and which they can reach is dictated by the spell chosen as the class base.

All that being said there are five main classes on offer first. Those classes centered around 15, 45, 90, 105, and 135. That is Arcanist, Druid, Warrior, Warlock, and Shaman.

Example of the spell book and hero classes

An interesting edge class is the Paladin class which has access to spells like 150, Heal, and also 1, Arcane Orb. Same as the Priest but not Arcanist. Arcanists cannot reach the heal button.

Next time we will be focused on the user space code for the game now that the netcode is working on the Avalanche Fuji Testnet.



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