I Am at War, and You Are Too

War is no laughing matter

3 min readNov 28, 2023
The promise of the Unholy Zed of Conquest, endless war

We can no longer jest the sons and lovers of Russian girls and women are dying glorious deaths in Ukraine. It was never funny, and less so as the bodies pile up. We have to see what this war means for Russians. It is a genocide on the minorities there as well. It is a genocide against the Ukrainians in Ukraine, especially all the men and boys sent to their deaths on the front under the Unholy Zed of Conquest.

Wise and measured men do not slap painted white hands on their orcmen and send them into battle. Not unless they, like a twisted wizard, have snapped. And similarly, our United Nation’s security council is closest thing man has to a wise council, yet one member has gone rogue, painting the letter Z on his slave army and their kit before sending them drunkenly into unplanned combat.

Make no mistake. It is the minorities in the east and other places, not the white Russian speaking Russian man from near Moscow being sent to the front to die for the empire. No, in a way the war is good for thee proponents of Russification of all of Russian first and then beyond, like those who hold power now in the Kremlin.

For those who have played out a variety of simulations know that sometime races, or civilizations, are given inherent powers. It feels today, again looking at Russia’s feeble attempts as conquest as a weakness, but in Kremlin planner minds the long term value of percent Russian speaking is of value because it is their claim to territory as well. The Russian rule of ruling is if a Russian speaks Russian upon it, the land is Russian. It is because of this trait the long term policy exists of when land is conquered, the Kremlin is better off when there are Russians on it, not the indigenous people. Only in the endgame can this behavior be stopped by massive tech build up to disadvantage the civilization that attacks seemingly to their own detriment. To them it is a way of ridding itself of undesirables. If conquest occurs, all the better. If not, at least the undesired herd was thinned.

Only with the full build up of tech on our side will the digital iron curtain will we punch through to the people that need to revolt against the Kremlin to see it grip weakened and peoples of it live free of such tyranny.

I call on all wars to end, all hostages to be releases, and all arms to be laid down and all militarizes respect their boarders. Yet, in the face of criminal evil outlawed by the courts, here we stand or here we let tyranny engulf us too. That is how the Kremlin controls its people, mostly by controlling their minds.

This also how it is trying to divide us here in the West, by using tools of their information war. You and I are all victims unless you are a hermit. That outlandish thing some people you know believe wasn’t put there by that person by choice, but by a diet of information crafted to influence below the radar, to inflame, an ruin us by ruining our relationships, by making life toxic and seemingly unlivable such that we don’t believe in our system anymore and allow it all to be tossed away.

With all its resources, those that could be used for good, this is what Russian planners and analysts do all day, everyday as they try to destroy us. That is clearly their job now, it is clear from all the work they are doing, so clever and insidious.

Know that if we fail in Ukraine and it slips into night, so too will NATO members, as the alliance will be destroyed, then the world will slowly fall to shadows like day turning to night but instead of lights on earth where we live as prosper, there is only darkness. The choice is yours. You are the warrior, but it is still to up to you to fight.