I’ve Been Called A Nazi Because I’ve Believe Ukraine Is Worth Saving

And you will be too.

The Azov Battalion does exists and is a problem. I will be the first to admit that neo-Nazi sentimentality has no place in the modern world. It has no place in the US despite what happened on Jan 6th and it has no place in Ukraine, or Germany, or anywhere. These Nazi elements are criminals and should be dealt with by their respective states with help from their partners around the world. No one wants Nazis —Not the Germans, not Russians, not the Ukrainians, not the Americans, no one.

That said: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an international crime that now must be dealt with by the international community. Such neo-Nazi elements are no excuses for an invasion. It’s not complicated. The US’s illegal war in Iraq was equally condemnable and was by yours truly from the very beginning.

So yes, I believe Ukraine is worth saving. But, to all my Russian friends, I also believe Russian is worth saving. I ask you kindly please do not walk into the darkness of Nuclear Oblivion. War must stop for the good of everyone, Russian and Ukrainian alike.

Today we are all Polish. Think of them and the hell you are offering them with this war.



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