Mr. Trump to be Arrested if Reelected President

2 min readDec 17, 2023
Justice will come.

All military personnel are instructed to aid and assist in the military arrest of Donald John Trump should be ever retake the oath of office in any official capacity which renders him a member of the military again. He is to be arrested and tried for dereliction of duty for his part on the violence and culminating attack on the American seat of power on January 6th, 2021.

Where this may seem to go against the constitution’s clauses pertaining Presidential Immunity, it is wise to remember that no one clause may take down the institutions of our government. Those who commit crimes and dereliction when a sworn officer must be held to account. It is a principal which supersedes immunity. Evil should not think it is immune no matter the loophole. The goal of the immunity clause it to protect the government for undue encumbrances of frivolous natures, or those of low import. That is the reason for immunity. The government needs an effective president, not one mired in low-matter court cases and the like, simply because of an indiscretion or two.

It is for when we learn our first woman president is a compulsive shoplifter and a bunch of stores decide they want to sue her. Or a prosecutor thinks to indict her over it. Or several. That little stuff can hang. Mike Pence cannot.

As the commander and chief, it was Mr. Trump’s duty to protect the capital for attacks by rioters, insurrectionists, or foreign troops. In the course of his duty to fail to stand up against any such a group of violent men and women, it matters not what their motives were. He failed to act when it was his duty to do so. That is what matter.

You can’t, like Nero, watch the city burn and do nothing.