Stand with Ukraine: Defend Our Shared Values

Let them not ask, ‘Where was the West when Ukraine fell?’

3 min readNov 26, 2023
Is Ukraine the new Westfold?

This poignant query echoes the modern equivalent of “Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?” In the spirit of unity and courage, we in the West are at a crucial juncture, tasked with the responsibility to rise to the challenge and ensure that our contemporary ‘Westfold’ — Ukraine — remains steadfast. The struggle of Ukraine transcends a mere fight for sovereignty; it symbolizes a larger battle for the core principles we cherish: freedom, democracy, and justice.

It is imperative that we unite in support, offering not just our voices, but also our resources and unwavering resolve. History will judge us not as mere bystanders but as proactive allies remembered by future generations for our solidarity and strength. Let’s pledge that when history inquires about our role during Ukraine’s time of need, our collective answer will be a testament to our unwavering support and unity. Our actions today are not just immediate responses, but the foundations of the legacy we leave behind.

The sooner we turn our backs on the shadow of apathy and disengagement, reject its agents of misinformation and discord, and eradicate its influence from our hearts, the closer we move towards global peace and harmony. Our commitment to these values will pave the way for a more peaceful and just world for us all.

For years, the shadow lingered, quietly nursing its wounds, regaining its formidable form while we basked in our peaceful idylls, oblivious to the growing danger. Our guardians, wise wizards with long white beards, were lulled into a deep slumber and were unaware of the creeping menace, or were wrong on so many fronts none believed their strident cries.

However, the moment of reckoning has arrived. Sages, abruptly awakened from their prolonged dormancy, take stock of the dire situation. They are springing into action. The shadow, no longer content with skulking in obscurity, has started to move. Its forces strategically target the most vulnerable points along its borders, seeking expansion. It was unclear before where this aggression stemmed from. No more. We know now it is from enslavement to the dark lord.

To the astonishment and dismay, the dark one has returned, well and whole. The threat, long underestimated, now stands fully realized, posing a grave challenge to the forces of light.

Let there be no doubt, despite the persistent voices of the shadow’s mouthpieces that seek to sow seeds of doubt within us, the time for unwavering resolve has arrived. Why else would the adversary exert such effort to fracture our unity? The very intensity of their attempts to divide us is a testament to the strength we possess when united. It is in our solidarity that we find our greatest weapon against the spreading darkness. Now, more than ever, we must stand together, undivided and unyielding.