The Great Library has an Eye on Avalanche’s AVAX

Picking a winner.

1 min readMar 28, 2022

If you look around you might wonder at of the thousands of cryptocurrencies out there. Which one to buy first? The library’s answer was Avalanche’s AXAX.

AXAX is an ERC20 compatible token on the C-Chain.

Avalanche is the best offering in terms of stability, governance, and scalability. Subnets are the next level of crytography. Forget the ETH hype. Forget the BITCOIN hype. When they are done mooning, AVAX will moon from all the funds sloshing over because of Avalanche’s subnets.

Why? Because subnets are the answer for gaming.

For the Great Library, subnets mean our simulations and games can have their own subnets, but ultimately subnets offer a reasonable answer to the information verses entropy debate. No longer do you have to ask yourself if you believe in luck or fate when you look at the world of blockchain.

Look to AVAX.

John R Raymond is not a financial advisor.