The Great Library’s GameFi Teaser Trailer Teaser Teaser

Or inside the guiding principals of the Great Library’s Hero Minter contract

/// Shaman || Arcanist || Druid || Warrior || Warlock || Shaman || Arcanist || /// /// The-Elements Arcane Nature Physical Shadow All-The-Elements Arcane /// +DPS+++++++DPS++ — -+++DPS++ — — TANKS — + — ++DPS++++PET++HEAL+DPS++++++DPS++ — -++ /// /// Each + Means damage, — means support, DPS means damage per second. TANK means damage mitigated. /// HEAL means restoring hit points to pets or players, etc. /// Each class gets ~10 main
Captured from Hero.sol

Primary goal of this mint is to use Culture Coin to lower the price and remover approval barriers, improving speed and ease for minters. To do this we use Culture Coin’s built in dex which when used from an addon, like our Hero NFT, removes the need for an extra approval step. This also means the game can run faster as well.

Our secondary goal is to lower the cost of minting your hero, or at least vary it. By allowing each bookmark to set the price of hero minting on bookmark some heros minted will be much less expensive than others, bordering on the ludicrously cheap. The same goes for those asking astronomical prices. What sells, sells.

Tertiary goals of course are manifold and if listed would be a boring thing to read, so lets end by saying our game is an attempt to give myself and my friends their favorite fantasy abilities.

P.S. Remember the buffaloes buffaloing… Working on trying to finance the videos.



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