The Great Library’s Mission Statement

The primary mission of the great library is the preserve, protect, and disseminate the cultural heritage of earth. To do so requires funding and vision.

Here is the vision with hopes that funding comes of it…

It is easiest to preserve the culturally relevant digital artifacts as they can be replicated multiple time, distributed widely making it impossible for man to forget his history no matter difficulties we face both great and small.

So we start with digital artifacts and begin to archive those in this bomb-, fool-, and idiot-proof way by making, you the beneficiary, pay for it using Culture Coin such that you want to have pay for the right to make a full copy — the very goal in the first place.

What wizardry is this you ask?

Just like any investment, one in knowledge sustains itself. This is the result of that sustained investment in blockchain and we are seeing a second culmination because of it. (The first being BITCOIN finally mooning.)

Image NFTs are just a prelude to this second culmination where BITCOIN and many alt coins grow steadily and NFT backed games explode all around them. The Great Library knows this and is poised to release full featured games in the space where countless puzzles facing man can monetized for players to solve.

Beyond digital media, the Great Library seeks to see that physical books and media are preserved and maintained in our own physical stacks.



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