The Heavy Price of Ignorance

The sad plight of his royal majesty’s slave army

2 min readNov 26, 2023
Like the leviathan of Xerxes’ army of immortals, the Lord of Shadows wastes his slave army, throwing it against the Might of the West.

In this modern epic, the ‘Lord of Shadows’ emerges not only as a tyrant of lands and people but also as a master of manipulation, ensnaring minds and spirits in a web of deceit and fear. His ‘slave army’, bound not by chains but by the insidious grip of misinformation and indoctrination, marches to a rhythm dictated by shadowy agendas. This tragic chorus echoes through history, a reminder of the catastrophic consequences of ignorance and the ease with which truth can be twisted by those in pursuit of power. The West, standing as a beacon of enlightenment and reason, faces not just a physical adversary, but the daunting task of dismantling an empire built on lies and restoring faith in a world where truth has become a casualty of war. It is a battle that demands more than might; it requires the illumination of minds, a task as challenging as it is essential.

Our imperative is clear: to discern and disseminate the truth amidst a sea of distortion and deceit. Our eyes, wide open, bear witness to a chilling indifference towards life, the hallmark of the evildoers lurking in the shadows. Blatant disregard, grim atrocities, propels our resolve to stand firm. To yield to the shadow is to acquiesce to our own demise, for within its murky depths, evil festers. Genocide is not far — the most heinous violation. Our stance, therefore, must be unwavering; for indifference or inaction emboldens the malevolent. If we falter, if we turn a blind eye, we risk being deemed impure in the twisted ethos of the dark forces. We will be marked for liquidation. The cost of ignorance is too high; we must confront and combat evil with every fiber of our being, ensuring light and justice prevails.

Such is life and death under Russia’s Putin.