Two new crypto book publishing marketplaces going live

From the cover of the author’s upcoming fantasy novel: The Lightshy Crow

With all the fancy glow around NFTs holding value during the flash crash, everyone realized they wanting something NFT related, they just didn’t know it. That’s where these two new book marketplaces comes in.

Time your meals around it, I’m telling you folks, but you watched the news about people making millions on NFTs and others millions on books. And they are just some words and images? Right? No. If NFTs help us all get back to reading and writing and learning more, then I’m all for it. Lucky for you readers and writers out there we are all getting new two book marketplaces in crypto space.

First up is the dwriterss offering. Billed as Coming Soon for months allows authors to list their books easily and for BNB.

Taken from Instagram

The second is the Great Library’s: They offer free books up to the point that people have purchased the bookmarks.

You can read this much for free so far free on the AVAX Fuji Testnet.

Disclaimers bout the author of The Lightshy Crow. He is a principal creator with the Great Library. To message John R Raymond you can @johnrraymondesq.



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