War, Project Graywall, and a New Emancipation Proclamation

Understand war and why it is wrong…

5 min readNov 4, 2023
The God of the Graywall

Understanding war is a fundamental duty of every voter in the world. When a great evil is about to attack, it is incumbent on the voter to understand the downfall they speak in favor of or against.

So evil is war we cannot afford to be ignorant of its possibilities and dangers.

War is a fundamentally illegitimate act. This is because aggression is a fundamentally base expression of one’s self. It often overvalues one life at the expenses of many others. This is the alpha male at the height of his power. None dare challenge him for fear of utter destruction and death.

When you boil down this power you get dictatorships. The aggression on the part of the alpha at the height of his power is almost a sickness as much as a state of mind. It is a type of testosterone poisoning that effects the mind of a dictator.

Note, this alpha male outlook on life reflects itself in the zero sum expression of war. There can only be one king, so there is always competition for the crown. Allow rule breaking and you see the emergence of strongmen.

These strongmen flex the power of the state much the way other men flex muscles they have honed. In the autocracy it is the will of one mind that sets into motion the aggression. Men choose to go to war out of a reflexive nature to challenge.

The aggressor may not call the aggression war, but it is clear to those being attacked that they are at war. This brings us back to the victims of war. They are the aggrieved. This is why we watch out for men who claim to be the alpha. They will attack without warnings often and wildly and disproportionately.

Of course all men are part of a system that reflects the submissive side of men, where they labor under a belief system, often working very hard for even less. Call it the prevailing wisdom. Over the centuries these rules have been codified into laws and procedure.

The culmination of such thinking often produces a legal and political framework. Who sits in the big chair, and who sits in the big house? Even with imperfect foundations, conceptual systems like democratic republics can appear.

Whereas in a dictatorial system, the chief executive in a democratic republic operates under a set of rules that he must not break. Often these rules lead to great discomfort for the man in the big chair, but it helps keeps him in line with the will of the people.

This is why it is incumbent on voters to understand war is little more than the extension of men’s wills. If we as voters do not keep our leaders in check they can and will often lead us down a primrose path of mindless death and destruction.

Does this mean that republics are somehow weaker, because their leaders are always in check? Not at all. They can often be much stronger because the power of the republic is not as often abused leading to a more prosperous people over all. Make no mistake, the people who live under a dark lord feel his wrath the most.

So if one society is warriors and another is soft and cuddly, how can the soft and cuddly one be stronger militarily? It is because for as bad as any single man wants war, in republics the protection of the people being so paramount that plans for war are drawn up and redrawn over and over in perpetration for when the barbarians at the gates attack.

A history lesson for anyone who doesn’t understand what is a barbarian. A barbarian is one who attacks first for no good reason. They exist in this world, and it is easy to spot where they live. Its often in the societies living under dictators. The dictators themselves are the chiefest of the barbarians.

This brings us to Project Graywall. Project Graywall is the name I am giving to all defensive war planning which can include first strike potential. Graywall doesn’t care if an operation is right or wrong, only if it could lead to a valid military objective.

In no way should any one man be allowed to set off such plans on a whim. Graywall also includes all overmatch potential. Graywall means all the readiness needed to keep weapons like the nuclear arsenal in repair. Graywall means having at least one carrier strike group for each flashpoint location on Earth. Graywall means seeking out and destroying terrorists. The project is one reason why republics often do better militarily. Instead of throwing away troops, Project Graywall does everything it can to protect its own soldiers from injury or death.

Now, it shouldn’t take much convincing that living under such a system of government is much better than one that treats the citizen like slaves. And that brings us to the final part of the equation. How to solve today’s conflagration in Ukraine?

The simple solution is to declare any soldier surrendering from the Russian Army or other militia groups to be free of any commitments to their chain of command, that they are no longer to be treated like soldiers or slaves, but like prisoners, with them being free to work for a living wage while incarcerated if they so choose.

While these concepts may create friction with the Geneva Convention, it is only fair to see slaves as slaves first and as soldiers second. As such all Russian sent hostiles should now be reclassified as civilian, behaving as common criminals. This means that at the end of the war, such men do not have to be returned to Russia as she has forfeited her right to them when enslaving them and forcing them to fight.

This change in policy by Ukraine and the West will ensure that Russian-sent waves of slaves do not needlessly die. Nor should they go to prison for the rest of their life by committing crimes in Ukraine. Hence creating the proper atmosphere for the poor Russian-speaking devils to throw down their arms, surrender, and save themselves.