When Clarity Hits, It Hits the Hardest

It is all very clear now

2 min readNov 6, 2023
The lush desert is the future of we hope for

Clarity is a thing that we should savor sometimes, especially when it is over fundamental things.

What does clarity mean? Understanding that is in itself a clarifying moment. One should breath it in. Like a feeling of fresh air filled with the hint of pines. We breathe it in and know the passage of time and wisdom.

We learn that the power of good far outweighs the power of evil. This knowledge is information of great import and gravity. If you are on the good side then you have less to fear at night. You can sleep easy that you wont be stabbed in the back and killed by your most trusted friends and advisors.

This is what it means carrying the ring to mount doom. With Gollum, sometimes we must work to save those in this world ill disposed to working with others while still keeping ourselves safe with a trusty old Sam. Gollum served his purpose in the story shows Frodo’s humanity and good side, willing to give Gollum a chance at change.

Maybe it is because Frodo understood the hell that Smeagol went through and perhaps just having someone around who understood what he suffered was a perverse comfort? Or maybe we can read it that even as he stood and failed to make the right choice he hoped somehow Gollum would trick Smeagol or Smeagol would trick one of them, or both, and find a way to destroy the damned thing?

Maybe sometimes good just lucks out as evil undoes itself? Regardless we can see today’s evils for what they are. Unjust killings and war crimes.

There are robbers and betrayers. Yet most people go to work, and then home to bed every night too tired and poor to sin. You can see in to their windows. You can see the size of the family, the heart of the nation, and know that circumstances have turned against us and it is now incumbent on us to complete our mission as political actors born to the role of citizen. As citizens we have duties we must uphold if we wish to maintain our way of live from attack by actors who think themselves beyond the people’s grasp.

We stand on the cusp of a new age. One of technology, both radical and amazing. The war between good and evil is punctuated by battles. Let us hope that this new technology will serve us well. Like Smeagol we are sometimes saved from the most unlikely sources.

Barbarian attack like war or battle are the only path to victory.