Who is the King of Late Night?

Who will it be?

2 min readNov 3, 2023
Will it be who your heart hopes it will?

It takes a long time for some men to learn to embrace all cultures, including their own. This is why when you watch Jimmy Kimmel, you see that authenticity. This is what sets him apart from Stephen Colbert. While possibly the best player on late night television, Colbert does almost seem too good to be true, if such a thing can be said of his nanosecond timing. But let’s face it, when you watch Kimmel you feel it is from the heart even when he’s reading other people’s jokes. That is his genius, where Colbert’s is his mastery of the art.

So no offense to anyone, I simply call the balls and strikes. And right now the king of late night has to go to Kimmel. I think it is fair, that is until we see Colbert pull the stunt of the century and run again as president and promise to make Joe Biden his running mate, you know, just in case the Vice President can overturn the Presidency, as a safety net to return the job to the previously pristine Vice President, or some such nonsense that allowed him to have his own Aunt Milly or whoever on the show to look into his cracker-ass white boy lifestyle.

I hate to pit two great entertainers like this but you both can decide for yourselves the authenticity of my own opinion. It isn’t one hatched in a laboratory deep below the Kremlin.

Get wrecked Tucker Carlson. You are nothing to nobody because you stand for nothing but sliming your way into more money.

So, all that said. Hail to the King, Jimmy Kimmel!