Why Biden and Zelensky Speak as One

Welcome to the New Western Imperium

3 min readNov 6, 2023
A garden will flourish even after the war

It is time to understand what it means to be a head of state. It gives you insight others lack. A good leader in the West is one who realizes he needs his nation’s allies. Consensus matters and of course Biden and Zelensky talk. They both know the right answer on any given day. In a way, Zelensky is Biden’s Vice President. He is awake during the night, fighting as hard, or harder than Biden, at defeating the Russians in their unjust war.

Luckily, the West is not currently filled to the brim with buffoonery. Biden and Zelensky are serious men. They need the right answer, not the easy answer, nor the like-to-have answer. They leave fantasy to fanatics and fools, and to the Grand Miscalculator himself, Putin.

Oh, how he and his miscalculated! They miscalculated bigly. They made the war, or Special Military Operation, all about attacking the West. Son. Son. The West doesn’t play when it’s time to make its move. The West keeps its eye on the endgame. As such, defanging the bear has long been a top priority in the West. It is eminently clear now way. The Kremlin cannot be trusted.

When Zelensky says that he was himself smart when he saved his troops so they could train up over the winter and beyond if needed. There was no reason to throw away units. (Yours truly mentioned early on in the war that Ukraine needs to stack its units like in the game of Civilization, not throw them away.) Biden knows this as does his pentagon, hence the messaging on Ukraine remains the same: We support our friend Ukraine and will continue to do so until a lasting peace can be forged.

This is the Western stance. Tyrants beware.

So this makes one think. If Putin is leading the charge against the West, who is leading the West’s charge? If you think, it will make you wonder if Zelensky is the real leader of the West. Shouldn’t he be thought of as emperor? Is he not the man who speaks for NATO and beyond? Will it not be his triumphs which will be celebrated in the streets? Will it not be his victories? And, has he not already crossed the Rubicon when he needed ammo not a ride?

Will his power not stretch ever-stronger as he marshals the forces of good like Aragorn on his way to Gondor. To complete the metaphor, Biden is Gandalf, long to the war, wise but old. He will not sit upon the Western throne. He is soon for the havens. No, Aragorn, wise in war, will never see the shadow rise again, him and his family, to the end of days.

Laugh now at the prospect, but this war is not a single day war, a three-day war, or even a three-year war. We are looking at another decade at least. In the struggle Ukraine cannot afford to throw away her people.

But make no mistake, when the time is right, the attack will come, and it will be devastating.

Victory is coming. Peace is coming. Slava Ukraini!